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Why choose Advanced Enviro-Septic?


Financing Available

Benefits of AES over Regular Septic Systems
  • Treats wastewater more effectively

  • Requires much less land area

  • Frees up space for other land uses - garage, swimming pool, more driveway, etc

  • Less fill material required

  • Much less excavation and site work required

  • Much less landscaping required

  • Can be placed on building lots that cannot fit a regular septic system

  • Adjusts easily to difficult sites and slopes

  • Uses recycled plastics

  • No filters needed

What is 'Advanced Enviro-Septic'

Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) is an effective, passive sewage treatment system for residential, commercial and community use.

AES uses a regular septic tank.

AES is simply a disposal field system consisting of the AES pipes installed in a bed of sand.

Proven to work 100% effectively by independent testing organisations.



  • NSF-40 Class 1 Certified. (USA & Canada)

  • BNQ Certified for Secondary and Advanced Secondary Treatment (Canada)

  • CE - Standard EN 12566-3 (European Union)

Benefits of AES over Electro-Mechanical  Systems
  • Combines treatment and dispersal into one small footprint

  • Much cheaper than electro-mechanical systems

  • Requires no costly annual maintenance contract

  • Adjusts easily to difficult sites and slopes

  • Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 40 Class I

  • No electricity

  • No moving parts or computer controls to maintain

  • No mechanical devices

  • No media replacement

  • No filters needed

Certified and Approved

Advanced Enviro))Septic can be designed for any size Commercial, Industrial, or Residential project.

Why choose AES?
Certified & Approved

1. The wastewater is sent into the septic tank that separates the solids and liquids.

2. The surplus of fluid flows to the distribution box which divides the waters in the different lines of the 'Advanced Enviro-Septic' system.

3. Bacteria attached to the walls of the lines feed on the pollutants contained in the water.

4. Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment System removes  99% of wastewater contaminants. The clean water seeps safely into the surrounding soil.

  • Very small land footprint required.

  • Combines wastewater treatment and dispersal in the same small footprint.

  • Very affordable.

  • No electricity, replacement media or maintenance required.

  • Flexible configurations for sloped or curved sites.

Commercial & Residential Installations across Atlantic Canada




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Contact Us

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Tel: (902) 705 - 0002




** Please note that we can only service Nova Scotia (NS) and  Newfoundland & Labrador (NL) at the time being.  If you are calling from outside of the province, please refer to DBO's Find an Expert page at **

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